Dancook 1400
  • Dancook 1400
  • Dancook 1400 dimensions
  • Dancook Grill 54cm
  • Dancook Kettle Inside
  • Dancook Kettle 9

Dancook 1400



A Dancook kettle barbecue is best characterised by its simple design and its many unique details. The materials used are stainless steel and aluminium. The 6 mm grid and the many built in details including a lid mounted thermometer guarantees optimal cooking results every time. In addition, Dancook supplies an extensive range of accessories.


The patented liner in Dancook’s kettle barbecue collect grease and ashes – and because the combustion air is pre-heated, the cooking effect is increased by 50%. The advantages are reduced use of briquettes and easier cleaning. That is the unique idea behind the Dancook kettle barbecue.

Art. nr. 109 001

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